TV Theme Enhanced Interrogatory Answer Key.

The Avengers
. Patrick MacNee, and various co-stars, most famously Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg (most infamously, Linda Thorson.) Music by Laurie Johnson.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Nerf Herder.

Danger Man (aka Secret Agent in the USA). Patrick McGoohan. Edwin Astley. And, no, the Johnny Rivers song "Secret Agent Man" (Steve Barri and P.F. Sloan) is NOT the real theme music. It was inserted with a montage before the US version of the show. The Astley harpsichord music, "High Wire," was the show's theme music, and played during the credit titles.

Dawson's Creek. James van der Beek. Paula Cole.

Futurama. Billy West et alia. Christopher Tyng.

Hawaii Five-O. Jack Lord. Morton Stevens.

MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson (RDA to his colleagues). Randy Edelman.

Magnum, P.I. Tom Selleck. Mike Post and Pete Carpenter (prolific team until Carpenter's death.) Little known fact, this is the second musical theme for the show. The original music was a breezy (that's a charitable adjective, fruity might be more accurate) jazzy bit of music by Ian Freebairn-Smith. The Post-Carpenter theme was introduced as incidental music for a chase sequence in the episode "The Ugliest Dog in Hawaii" and was featured in the end credits. It became the title theme shortly after.

Moonlighting. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Al Jarreau.

Peter Gunn. Craig Stevens. Henry Mancini.

The Rockford Files. James Garner. Post and Carpenter.

Route 66. Martin Milner and George Maharis (later Glenn Corbett). Nelson Riddle.

Simon & Simon. Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney. Barry DeVorzon and Michael Towers. The first season had the theme song "Best of Friends" by the Thasher Brothers.